Sleepy Saver App


SleepySaver is a lifestyle app designed to help encourage better sleeping and saving habits amongst a generation of sleep deprived millennials. For every hour slept, users can “donate” 5–50 cents from their checking to their savings account.

Users can also share, explore, and compare data with friends, in order to encourage themselves and others to improve their sleeping and saving habits.

SleepySaver is a simple way to help millennials cultivate a healthier attitude towards sleeping by attaching a tangible and productive incentive to their sleeping process.



  • Generate a fun and friendly custom avatar.
  • View and share your sleeping and saving activity with friends.
  • Keep track of your friends’ sleeping and saving habits.
  • “Heart” their activity in order to encourage healthy behavior.
  • Collect and earn badges for positive sleeping and saving streaks.
  • Send and receive stickers amongst friends.



Share and analyze data about your sleeping and saving habits such as:

  • Weekly, monthly, and yearly statistics.
  • Average sleeping and saving data.
  • Total hours slept and dollars saved since you began using the app.
  • Average amount of hours you sleep during each day of the week.
  • Your average bed-time and wake-time during each day of the week.




Friends, other students at your university, or a custom demographic:

  • Example: Female, 20s, North Eastern US.